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I like art of all kinds! DIY, origami, paper crafts, felted crafts, anything!
I see what I like and I'll try to make it myself.
If I can make it, I wanna have it!

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What do you think of my latest origami addiction?

Origami Korean Paper Doll + Hand-Drawn Korean Palace Background

Personally I love them

Turning the idea of the aesthetic background into a detachable background card for the paper doll!


These are my proud babies for today.

The most elegance, sophisticated #KoreanHanbokk paper dolls that I have ever made.

The most Korean background that I have ever drew.

The proudest moment is when I gave these paper dolls to my colleagues because they LOVE it so much!

Bonus: It gives off the Korean drama film about those internal affairs in the palace.

I took the meaning of “message in a bottle” to a whole new level! 


So I made graduation caps for my friends, since we are graduating this year if all goes well, haha.

to-do DIIY project!!!

Gonna be graduating this year. Thinking of doing something of these sorts for my graduation cap!

Images source: all over the internet lol

Started out with the intention to sketch ‘The Woman’. But things took another turn, ended up with my own twist, hahaha.

Saw this and I was ‘hey, this is cool. I’mma save this image for reference later, I’m so gonna make this happen!’ and then I will forget about it very soon.

And then I’m gonna discover it again much later, and get excited again. The cycle repeats itself.