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I like art of all kinds! DIY, origami, paper crafts, felted crafts, anything!
I see what I like and I'll try to make it myself.
If I can make it, I wanna have it!

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I took the meaning of “message in a bottle” to a whole new level! 


So I made graduation caps for my friends, since we are graduating this year if all goes well, haha.

to-do DIIY project!!!

Gonna be graduating this year. Thinking of doing something of these sorts for my graduation cap!

Images source: all over the internet lol

Started out with the intention to sketch ‘The Woman’. But things took another turn, ended up with my own twist, hahaha.

Saw this and I was ‘hey, this is cool. I’mma save this image for reference later, I’m so gonna make this happen!’ and then I will forget about it very soon.

And then I’m gonna discover it again much later, and get excited again. The cycle repeats itself.

Because I’m in love with Bastille and Dan Smith.

So I made a jar-of hearts card for my dad’s birthday. 

Kinda looks like a Valentine’s card tho, lol.

Truth is, I can’t help it when I see a good fan-art.
However, I can’t do that. 
But what I can do, is to draw them out. 

Now I can look at Ichabod Crane anytime I want. Yay.

Sleepy Hollow is AWESOME.
Ichabod Crane swooned me with his british accent.
Tom Mison is just splendid.